Danish handmade ceramics

Meadow Ceramics is unique ceramic in stoneware. The style is organic and Nordic with a hint of something natural and mysterious. I explore the tension between the functional and the artistic. The colors I use are inspired by the sea, forest, meadows, marshes and the night sky, giving an unconventional and unique expression.

About me;
My name is Caroline, I live on the Island of Funen in an old house with my daugther Vilja who is now five, our cat Charlie and 6-7 chickens. Born in 1987 I grew up in different smaller towns and when I moved out I first went to live in Odense for a couple of years, studying history of religion. Later I moved to a small town south of Århus and then studied prehistoric archaeology and biological antropology for three years. Then came Vilja when I was 26 and I moved back to Funen. When Vilja was 2 in 2015, I started making ceramics as a hobby at the kitchen table when she slept at night. A friend of mine bought me an old, used kiln and I started using Instatgram. Meadow Ceramics was born. A LOT of things have happened since! …to be continued.

Current and previous retailers:
The following is a list of some current and previous retailers. Please note that I normally don’t do wholesale anymore. It is always a good idea to check in with a shop to hear if they have any of my pieces avaliable. 

It’s Yonobi (itsyonobi.com)
Louisiana Museumsbutik (lousiana.dk)
Stilleben (stilleben.dk)
Bolig Bohème (bohemehaderslev.dk)
Værkstedsbutikken (facebook.com/vaerkstedsbutikken.odense)

ABC Carpet and Home (abchome.com)
Germany Bisquit Cina (biscuitchina.com)
New Zealand

Vivre (vivre.com.lb)

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