A Journey Less Ordinary, Part 1

This was a mail sent out for anyone on the mailing list at the 10. of July 2019. I am publishing it so you also have a chance to read it, even though you were not at the list at that time. 


Letter 1/3
Hello my friend,

So, I’m guessing you came here to read about that time in my life when I worked in a brothel? I totally get it! I would want to know about that as well! And I promise, we will get to that later as this story unfolds. And also, it’s not as crazy as it sounds.

I really want to share my story with you and tell you why I am doing what I am doing. And in my next mails you can expect more interesting stories from me, small secrets and what I have learned so far on this journey! So, grab a cup of coffee, tea or what your heart desires and let’s get started!
So short version is; I’m a woman (and single mom) (and master’s degree dropout (twice, baby!)), who started making ceramics at the kitchen table late at night when my little daughter was asleep, and 10 months later I made it my full-time job and passion. I love watching plants and vegetables grow from seeds (it’s pure magic!) and being silly and real with my loved ones. My mission is to make pieces which speak to your soul and will be treasured for years to come.
Longer version; are you ready?

I was born in 1987 making me 31 years of age at the time of writing this. In this letter I will talk about my time from my early 20’s (brothel time) and until my mid 20’s.  
When I was about 21 years old, I was just finishing my bachelor degree in science of religion and I was about to start on the master’s degree in Middle Eastern studies. But two days before I was supposed to be seated in an auditorium, listening to the, at that time, political situation in the Middle East, I decided I wanted to go for my childhood dream of becoming an archaeologist. And specialize in prehistory! (In Denmark that would mean stone age, bronze age, iron age and Viking age.)
So, there I was, dropping out of my master’s degree and having a whole year on my hands where I wanted to work, and so I started cleaning at the hospital, in private homes, working in factories and so on… until I got work in a “high end” brothel as a receptionist! (Not sure if any brothel could classify as “high end”, but this was one of the nicer places). For a time, I would also work at another place, but I wanted to stay at about 35-40 hours a week, so I ended up quitting at the second place. I could have been in that parallel universe every day for 12 hours and even though I always stayed at the “right” side of the table, so to speak, I needed fresh air and just to hang out with my, back then, boyfriend and friends.

My job was to make coffee, answer the phone, light cleaning, letting in the customers, talking with the girl who was working ect. I would not recommend this line of work to anyone, but in hindsight I am grateful to have seen this side of our society, that most people are not allowed into. I met a lot of different women and some of them I got quite close to, as we would be working together once a week for sometimes months. But, work like this has a darker side to it, and it was devastating to see some of the women slowly getting worse or disconnecting from themselves over time. It was a weird thing, to be in a house or apartment for 12 hours straight, laying on couches, watching tv, drinking tea/coffee and waiting for clients with a woman I sometimes did not know beforehand. It really was another world. A world of women - beautiful, sweet, kind, passionate, broken women. They would let me into their life and their stories, and they knew nothing about me. A young woman with time on her hands and ears to listen.

After the year had passed, I started studying prehistoric archaeology far away from that town, I ended up breaking up with my fiancé and moving to the middle of nowhere and I stayed there for three years – the last year in a forensic department, where I studied human skeletons.

Four years total of my life that taught me so much and that I would not be without. Meadow Ceramics was started a few years after this and the road that got me here will be in my next letter! But there is one more master’s degree dropout story, a surprising pregnancy and hard times before (and after) in that journey.
Thank you for listening and for your support in my small business. It really means the world to me. If you have any thoughts or just want to say hi, please feel free to reach out by responding directly to this mail.
With love,

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  • Hi Caroline, your story fascinates me.

    I’m 37 and worked on the rigs and other male dominated fields in Alberta Canada through my 20’s. Working with just men at a young age was interesting. Throughout my many travels I stumbled upon talented women who are energy healers and brought me back to health mentally and spiritually and taught me about a world rich with love. I moved provinces to beautiful Victoria BC, Canada and wanted to pursue a career in something more artistic and fun but I ended up getting a government job in the hospital doing maintenance, working with men again in the engineering department. Males who are ex-navy. I am appreciative of that job as it provided me with stability for the first time in my life and I learnt something from the men. But I quit that after 5 years being depleted yet again of what serves me. There are other women working in the trades and they are very happy with it and I’m happy for them and they need to be there. Now I’m an esthetician working with just women for the first time and I’m ecstatic doing it. I’m also working on my hobby which is silversmithing. Making beautiful pieces of jewelry that I someday hope to turn into a side business.
    I’ve also attempted to go back to school multiple times for the last 15 years to find a career thats respected by others and would be a sturdy foundation and take me into retirement but had no success.
    Your story inspires me that it’s more than enough to be an artist. And it was entirely ok to break away from that which depletes me instead of feeds me. That also applies to my personal relationships. I’m not writing this to nock men for this is not about them it’s about me and my choices and development of self worth.

    Art, music, cooking, gardening etc heals and we need all of that beauty in this world. I’ve realized I suffocate without it.


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