The one about CBD and my story with anxiety

I have been sharing a little bit about anxiety on socials, but I have also found it to be so private that I did not want to share about it. Until now.

I used to feel ashamed, alone, different in a bad way. Then I started to share a little with my closest friends. Then, if the conversation was heading in the direction of mental health, I began to “casually” mention, that I also have suffered/suffer from mental health problems. What astonished me was how many people have or do suffer from these diseases without speaking openly about it. It has been like a small flood, where I found that if I was the first to share, other people would then open up to me. I discovered that we really, really need to talk about this.

I have been suffering from anxiety since the age of 10. In all my teen years I had good or bad periods, mixed with depression a lot of the times as well. I was not in a good state and for some years in my later teens I would abuse alcohol and other substances as well. In my early twenties’ things brightened up a little, but I still did had periods that were more or less characterized with debilitating anxiety. I got therapy from the age of 10 an onwards on/off for the next 15 years after that. Nothing really worked. This is to say, that I have suffered from anxiety in mild or severe form for the last 22 years. Back then, when mine started, there was not that much focus on mental health, and it was not as “accepted” as it is today. But it’s still not as accepted as it should be.

WUUUH I said it! Out loud to a rather large audience. It feels scary and it feels good. I know now, that you can live a good life even when you've been at the lowest of lows. You can create a business, you can manage life. Is it always easy-peasy? No! I believe everyone has their own struggle/struggles in some form and mine is this.

What I have found to help with my anxiety (besides the therapy I’ve been in for the last two years now – a story for another time) is CBD oil. I use Formula Swiss “5 procent full spectrum Cannabidiol” after having tried a couple of brands. From what I know, different brands can interact differently with different people – so it’s always a case of trying step by step what works for you. On their website and on “Nordic Oils” website I have found a TON of useful information, that you can read if you are interested in knowing more. 😊

It really does take the “edge” for me. When my body starts to react (which it does almost as per default after spending most of my life in a state of anxiety) I can calm it down doing this. When I first started using CBD last Summer, I knew absolutely nothing about it, but I knew I had to try it. After taking it twice a day for a week, I really felt calm and collected and I decided to figure out how long it normally takes for it to work (I thought we were talking weeks here!) and when I saw it could be a matter of 10-20 minutes it all fall into place. It actually HAD worked, and I didn’t even know it was the CBD, I thought I just had a really good week. People around me had even commented on how calm and happy I looked.

Now I always take some in the morning and then during the day when needed. It’s not that I don’t experience any levels of anxiety anymore, but it’s much more manageable. I take a few drops under the tounge – you'll have to experiment with this yourself to find the dose that works for you.

I wanted to share this with you, because if only one person can get something useful from this and get a tool to manage their own anxiety, I consider my job here done!

If you have any questions or just want to share your own experience, comment below!

Xx Caroline

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  • Thank you for sharing ❤️ I have been looking into this and will give it a try x


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