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It's just clay, yo!

It began by digging it out of the ground. The raw materials, the grey, white and black soil. Nothing you would look at twice. A mass of nothingness.

Then the work begins. The material is formed, mixed, applied, dried and in the end, it goes through the fire.

Out of the fire comes a landscape from another dimension, it’s something recognizable but still eerily different, otherly. It’s the ceramic piece, all these materials have become something unique.

In these platters, made from clay and glazes, I have discovered hidden universes and created pieces of art in the form of art prints.

I hope these will bring tranquility and beauty into your life. It’s the essence of my inner universe, inner vision, that has come to life.

I have decided to name them "Glaze Stories". Maybe you have already seen them and if you have not you can see them all on my website.

So is it just clay?

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