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Being healthy without feeling miserable - my green juice reciepe

I’ve never been one of those crazy healthy people. A few years ago, the only thing I knew about “bio-hacks”, juices and healthier living came from the headlines on the front of women’s magazines I skimmed when doing groceries. I always thought that living a lifestyle where these mystic things were a part of it were for “someone else”. Not me, anyway. Also, somewhere deep in my mind was the belief that I didn’t deserve it.

Does this sound weird? If it does, you are on the right track. If you can see yourself in some of this, please read on. (Also please read on, as we can all use some inspiration, right?)

One of the easiest ways I bring more nutritious, deliciousness into my life is through green juices. You’ve heard of the juice-trend? Like, you need to practically survive drinking only juices for days/weeks on end and it’ll transform your life? Maybe it will! I tried only juicing for a week earlier this year and while it certainly was an experience, I simply wasn’t willing to keep up with it. For me, it’s about balance. I’ve often fallen into the trap of “ALL OR NOTHING!” and it honestly exhausts me. I still carry around too many pounds, but I am WAY happier than I’ve ever been in my life. It’s not all or nothing. Everything makes a difference.

If you are ready to bring something new into your life or you just want some inspiration, here’s my easy reciepe for a juice that won’t break the bank or make you miserable.

You’ll need:

A juicer (mine is about 10+ years old and has no fancy features, but it does the job and remember; done is better than perfect!)

A good handful of kale

An apple

A lemon

Two handfuls of carrots

A bunch of celery

Two beets


I’m so lucky to have a garden where I grow the kale, beets and also the carrots (but they are all used up by now so I’m buying them) and remember that organic produce is always best -BUT – done is better than perfect!

Juice everything, drink it and feel better.


You don’t need to do this every day. Don’t make these rules for yourself you can’t keep and that’ll make you end up disappointed in yourself. Once a week is perfect for starters. When doing groceries, try and pick up the produce you’ll need and store it somewhere you see it, so you remember it. You can also print one of my photos or the whole post and hang on your refrigerator with the text “I’ll feel better and I deserve it” if it could help you. Be gentle with yourself.

Please let me know if you tried this and how it went. Send me a line with a photo! I love to hear from you.

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