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My guide to plants and herbs, 1

My guide to plants and herbs that I use myself, part 1

As you may already know, my work is hugely inspired by nature. I keep (many!) houseplants in my home and I try to grow many different vegetables and herbs in my garden, adding more each year. Also, when it comes to my personal health and well-being, I use what I believe nature has gifted us with. In this blog post I will share one of my favorite plants that I hope you will find helpful in your own life! (And if you are not already, you may want to start to grow it at home).

Let’s start!

Please let me present: Rosemary!

I have not always loved rosemay, but that changed about a year ago after I just suddenly could not get enough of it. I put it in every meal I can possibly thing of, I use it in my tea, and should I ever decide to try essential oils, rosemay will be one of the first ones I’ll get! (Also I looooove the smell!)

It’s latin name is “Rosmarimus officinalis L” and it’s a pretty common plant. The story goes that it was named after the Virgin Mary, who put her coat on top of a rosemary bush with a white flower on top. During the night the flower turned blue and then the plant became known as “Mary’s rose”.

Rosemary is known for its energizing qualities and it will provide you will clarity of mind and better capabilities of concentrating. It is used for it’s medical qualities and you can use it in many different ways. The most common way of usage is as a herb.

What most people don’t know is that it contains a lot of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds (and we love those, right?). Also some scientific studies suggest that rosemary can be good for your brain. It contains something called “carnosic acid” which can improve brain health and even prevent brain aging.

Also, some studies have shown, that rosemay may promote eye health and that it can help to fight off some kinds of cancer cells! A lot of the rescearch is still in the making as far as I can tell, but I'm a believer.

This is truly astonishing! I whole heartedly believe, that a lot of natural cures can be found in nature but please note that high doses of rosemary can cause miscarriage, so please don’t use it in supplemental form when pregnant! Also, extremely large doses can give you side effect which includes vomiting, spasm and coma. If you are on any medication, I advise to consult a doctor before starting to use additional supplements (like rosemary) as I am by no means a medical advisor. I have often experienced that many people believe that when it’s a plant you are consuming, you can’t really overdose, but this is not true – and it shows how powerful plants can be!

Have you had any experience using rosemary yourself? Did you find this helpful? Please let me know in the comments!

Much (plant)love, Caroline




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